Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Movie Resources

During the past two weeks, we’ve barely skimmed the surface of the complex subject of home movie preservation.  Fortunately, there are several good internet resources available that plunge into the technical depths and offer truly practical information.

Snowden Becker, co-founder of the annual international Home Movie Day event and the nonprofit Center for Home Movies, recommends checking out the Transfer Page at the Center for Home Movies:  “It’s a great guide to home movie preservation and transfer options that addresses these questions and many more, as well as a geographically-organized listing of labs and vendors that offer film-to-video transfer services.”

In addition, Snowden notes two other reliable sites to visit:  “The Home Film Preservation Guide, which you can browse or download, has excellent information for the kitchen-table film archivist; so does the Film Preservation Guide: The Basics for Libraries, Archives, and Museums, which is also available for free download.”

When obtaining permission from Reed Sturtevant to use one of his photos for Monday’s blog entry, Reed alerted me to his very relevant internet project:  the Super 8 Wiki.  Here you can find 2,046 articles covering every facet of this once-very-popular home movie format.

My very sincere thanks to Snowden Becker for helping me out not once but twice.  First, she worked with me on the home movie entries for our participation in the Film Preservation Blogathon and now she’s provided the expert advice for this two-week series on home movie preservation.  It is always an honor to work with the best!

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