Thursday, July 7, 2011

Preserving "June and Art"

With all due modesty, I think the “June and Art” blog is worthy of preservation.  Not only is it about my family’s history but it is also now a new creation of the family.  Although composed of memories of the past, it’s something new in the world and therefore a worthy addition to our family collection.

“June and Art” is a limited-duration blog.  Hosted on Google Blogger, “June and Art” was launched on September 25, 2010 and will conclude on September 1, 2011.  I asked Tom Clareson , Senior Consultant for New Initiatives at LYRASIS, and Leigh A. Grinstead, Digital Services Consultant at LYRASIS, for their advice on how to preserve a blog such as this.  Their response has forced me to think deeper about my own intentions.  This isn’t as simple a situation as I might have hoped.  Here’s what they shared:

“When I think about digital preservation the first question I have for anything is whether it is the content you are trying to preserve, or the format of that content? If it is the content then you probably have copies of the entries that you have created. If it is the context, I would read your user agreement with Google to see what kind of ‘preservation’ approach and services they may offer.

“Most commercial hosting services are interested in providing access to digital materials – and their business model is not based on providing an archival service or preservation of these files. However, many companies are beginning to think about digital preservation. So, if your material appears on a hosted site you can ask to see what level of archival or preservation service they guarantee, and if they offer a fee for some level of archiving.

“For anything that’s posted on public spaces, you will also want to think about keeping a personal copy at hand.”

These responses were especially helpful in clarifying my own desires for the blog’s preservation.  While the blog’s content is important and I have it saved in several formats and locations, I want to save the context, too, and this may require a greater investment.

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your blogs. They're both very interesting and well done.

    Elaine (mother of Katie)