Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Successful Blogathon

For the Love of Film (Noir): The Film Preservation Blogathon ended on Monday with over $5,000 raised for the Film Noir Foundation  and their effort to restore The Sound of Fury, a 1950 film noir starring Lloyd Bridges.  I am very proud of having participated in this international effort that harnessed the power of over 80 bloggers.  Since we celebrate preservation on “Preserving a Family Collection,” it seemed appropriate to dedicate a week to the support the work of film preservation.

“June and Art” has already returned to its normal routine of romance, period photos, love letters, and charming artwork.  The transition for “Preserving a Family Collection” looks as if it will be a bit rougher.  The blogathon hit right in the middle of our series on preserving audio media, particularly tape cassettes.  Cassandra Gallegos, Preservation Administrator at George Blood Audio and Video, was providing fantastic advice and recommendations for ensuring the long-term preservation of audio collections.  Four entries had run on the subject and my current plan is to resume this series on Monday.

Also, I want to return to the subject of home movies for a series that will provide practical information on how to preserve collections of 8mm, super 8, and 16mm film, but that’s probably several weeks away.

I truly appreciate everyone’s patience.  And if you were one of the contributors to the Film Preservation Blogathon, please accept this huge thank you for your generosity!  You supported a good cause indeed.

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