Friday, October 22, 2010

The Accession

At the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts, I spread the items out on the accession table.  Art on tissue paper from sixty years ago, pencil sketches, watercolors, a charcoal sketchpad, photos of all kinds, and one of the love letters -- 80 items that either had extra special meaning for my sister and me or that appeared particularly fragile.

Lee Price (the client), CCAHA Executive Director Ingrid Bogel,
and Director of Paper Conservation Mary Schobert
look at the photos and artwork.
Mary considers the condition of a piece of
tissue paper covered with sketches and writing.

Mary made a personal connection between
Art's Navy images of Shanghai and her own
father's service there.

In Mary's opinion, many of the items were in good shape --
more in need of good storage than costly conservation treatment.

The following items remained at the Center, accessioned for the conservators to prepare condition reports, treatment plans, and cost estimates –

For matting:
Mounted photograph of June’s father at Brown University

For digital restoration:
“Wives of Presidents” artwork on board, watercolor and ink
4 color photographs

For conservation treatment:
4 black and white photographs from Art’s time in the Navy, including a panoramic shot of minesweepers
 “Fabric textures” artwork on board by June
Pencil sketch of a dog by Art
Drawing of model in dress with a cellophane window frame
Sketch of a Navy fight scene by Art
4 life sketches, pencil on paper, by June
Folded tissue paper with pen and pencil art and notations
Large board with two models in dresses, watercolor by June

© 2010 Lee Price

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